Jewelry has traditionally functioned primarily as body adornment,  as religious symbols or symbols of wealth and power. Starting in the late 1930s, metals artists around the World began exploring the creation of stand-alone pieces of art/sculpture that could also be worn. Some were (are) more practical to wear than others. I refer to my work as wearable art because from the simple to the complex, every piece is conceived around a concept, statement, or event that tells a story, subject to interpretation. That interpretation may also change depending upon whether the piece is seen on or off the body. My goal is to make pieces of art that are wearable (and affordable), while speaking to both the hearts of the person wearing the work and the people viewing them.

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Aaron Rosenbloom

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. My first introduction to metalsmithing/jewelry
manufacturing was at the age of 13 in Middle School. I was fortunate to have a teacher who was truly passionate about her art and about teaching, and I continued to work in that studio through High School. However, I did not seriously consider making jewelry/art for a living until I was a year into college. I transferred to the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and graduated from there in 1982. I worked in commercial jewelry as a bench mechanic for 2 years and also worked part time in a dental laboratory. My intention at the time was to work in the dental lab field to pay bills while I worked on my art, but somehow, that turned into 10 years. I then experienced a calling to work with people (vs. “little things” all day), so I made the decision to attend graduate school for Art Therapy/Counseling Psychology. I completed my Master of Arts (MA) degree in 1995 and have worked in the mental health field for 27 years. For the past 14 years, I have been engaged in private practice.

I have remained (and will always be) an artist/craftsman. It’s the lens through which I interpret the World. As I’ve approached retirement age, I’ve experienced an increasingly strong impulse to return to the bench, to “making.” Lately it seems I have a constant flow of ideas, themes and forms coursing through my mind. I consider my work to be “wearable art” rather than mere bodily adornment. It’s important to me that every piece makes a definite statement. I primarily work in silver, semi-precious stones and enamels, but also do some gold work. A common theme of my art is capturing an instant of motion or juxtaposing contrasting textures, lines and other forces. My goal is always to evoke thoughts and feelings (both positive and negative), and occasionally provoke controversy (moral, ethical, political and otherwise).


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NOWEAR (A few pieces I’ve made to either hang on a wall or sit on a shelf)



Contact me at: aaronrosenbloom.art at gmail.com for commission and ordering information.